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  • Lens Pen
    Lens Pen

    The award winning compact LENSPEN cleans your lenses quickly & easily. Retractable brush removes dust and dirt. Soft, flexible tip cleans fingerprints and smudges with unique cleaning compound that will not spill or dry out.

    sale $11.16 
  • Bubble Level
    Bubble Level

    No more crooked horizons! If you use a tripod, you need this level. Just center the bubble and you're guaranteed a straight horizon line. Two sided level fits standard accessory shoes. Use both horizontally and vertically.

    sale $10.36 
  • The Plamp (Plant Clamp)
    The Plamp (Plant Clamp)

    Stabilize those aggravating windblown flowers and other macro subjects with this articulating arm. One end clamps to your tripod while the other grasps the object.

    sale $35.95 
  • Model Release Forms (25 Pad)
    Model Release Forms (25 Pad)

    A must for photographers who desire to make money at their hobby or profession. Compact size (4-1/4" x 3-11/16") to fit in camera bag or shirt pocket. 2-sided (back is a consent form for minors). Covers all details required to sell your photos of models. Comes in plastic storage bag.

    sale $1.50 
  • The RED Pod - Tripod Alternative
    The RED Pod - Tripod Alternative

    THE RED pod is the second most popular model and is designed for use with a variety of cameras. With the 1/4" universal mounting bolt locatged in the middle THE RED pod offers great support for advanced point and shoot cameras, pocket cameras, camcorders of various sizes, DSLR's with short lenses medium format cameras and even microphones, etc.

    Click here for more details on THE pod product.

    sale $23.39 
  • Cleanstar 18% Gray Cloth
    Cleanstar 18% Gray Cloth

    Cleanstar Advanced Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth

    sale $3.99 
  • CD Sleeves ( 25 Pack )
    CD Sleeves ( 25 Pack )

    These individual CD sleeves are designed to hold a single CD on the front and back. Archival polypropylene pockets with black nonwoven interior material. Key hole shaped opening for safe lifting of CDs from sleeve. Includes half inch header for indexing CD's with 50-1/2" paper inserts. Great with CD Storage Box (A1161 FCDB)

    sale $6.96 
  • Receipts (25 Bag)
    Receipts (25 Bag)

    These 2-part carbonless forms are small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. Each form has a blank area for your company information or for writing special instructions. Forms come in a zip lock bag for easy transport to and from craft shows or sales. Each form measures 5-1/2" x 4-1/4".

    sale $1.50 

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