Create you own Holiday message
Create you own Holiday message
Item Number: 003 IMP-9
Unit Price: $35.00


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Detailed Description

Choose your own message for the inside!

Your name included!. We will send you a proof prior to printing.

This Standard Holiday Imprint will be on the INSIDE of your holiday cards or on the Peel & Stick Bright White Stationery, sold separately (A1475)!

Imprint pricing is per position, per ink color.

Position C: Inside of horizontal cards.
Position D: Inside of vertical cards.
Position G: Peel & Stick Stationery horizontal.
Position H: Peel & Stick Stationery vertical.
(Peel & Stick Stationery (A1475) sold separately, $8.49/pack of 50. Please add the appropriate amount to your order.)

!!! STOP !!! If you want dark colored cards imprinted (Pine Linen, Deep Blue, or Black), you must use use Gold or Silver ink or imprint on our Peel & Stick Bright White Stationery.

Please allow additional time for imprinted items. Due to the personalized nature of imprinted cards, they cannot be returned or exchanged.


Ink Color:


Type your Text for the Imprinting.

Enter email address to send the Proof:

If necessary, please add any additional information to help clarify your order.

When complete, return to the top of the page and select "Buy Now" to include this Imprint on your Order.

* You may mix and match sets within a position and same ink color to obtain volume pricing! (Example: To imprint on the inside of 100 cards, or 10 different sets of horizontal cards, would be $20.00, position E, same ink color)

** We reserve the right to allow for a 2% margin under the actual count versus the desired amount. (example: if you order 100 cards, you may receive 98). We will make every effort to provide you with the desired count, however the printing process does not always allow this. If the count comes in under your desired amount, we will compensate you with a like amount of stock cards.

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