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  • Cleanstar 18% Gray Cloth
    Cleanstar 18% Gray Cloth

    Cleanstar Advanced Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth

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  • Lens Pen
    Lens Pen

    The award winning compact LENSPEN cleans your lenses quickly & easily. Retractable brush removes dust and dirt. Soft, flexible tip cleans fingerprints and smudges with unique cleaning compound that will not spill or dry out.

    sale $8.97 
  • Bubble Level
    Bubble Level

    No more crooked horizons! If you use a tripod, you need this level. Just center the bubble and you're guaranteed a straight horizon line. Two sided level fits standard accessory shoes. Use both horizontally and vertically.

    sale $7.97 
  • Camera Harness
    Camera Harness

    Designed to use your shoulders instead of your neck to support the weight of the camera, eliminating neck fatigue. Elastic straps keep camera secure yet readily available. Works for all size cameras or binoculars. Greatly reduces the annoying camera "bounce" off your chest while you are walking.

    sale $14.97 
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