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Custom greeting cards from Photographer’s Edge are a unique and creative way to create your own greeting card as well as showcase your photos. Perfect for Holidays, invitations, birth announcements, sharing vacation memories or keeping in touch with clients, a custom greeting card is an affordable and creative way to have your message be placed on the front of a photo frame greeting card from Photographer’s Edge.

Present your photographs and highlight your talents through these high quality custom photo cards. Rather than a generic message that traditional cards come with, our custom photo cards allow you to create your own message that correlates perfectly with your inserted photo. After all, it is your photography and you can best create the emotion and words to illustrate it. With custom photo cards and greeting cards from Photographer’s Edge, you can make your own cards for loved ones, or sell them and build a lucrative photography business. Either way, put your own personal touch on these amazing keepsakes.

How do I create a Custom Photo Frame Greeting card?

It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s a distinctive way to showcase your photographs. Select from a variety of colors and environmentally friendly card stock to construct your custom photo card. Create your message, and then secure your photo to one of our cards with our photo safe adhesive – you don’t have to worry about your photo coming loose or shifting out of position. That’s it! You now have a custom photo card perfect for sharing or selling!

You are just a click away from a fun and creative way to enhance your greetings (and your business) with a custom greeting card from Photographer’s Edge. If you own a photography business, photo insert cards are a new and creative revenue source.

Creating a custom card is easier and less expensive than you may think!
Choose each of the following:
Design Custom Greeting Cards & Custom Photo Cards - create your own design for the front of the card and personalize the back with your own custom text.
  1. What you'd like on the front of the cards TIP: Most of our custom work consists of regional locations and subjects, ie: Rocky Mountain National Park, Wildflowers of Texas, Cape Cod - Massachusetts, etc. Some other ideas include wedding invitations, thank you notes, birth and graduation announcements.
  2. What you'd like on the back of the cards Anything goes here, but most people use all or some of the following: Name, address, phone number, title of a card "series". If they plan on using one image they may add the description of the subject/location. If they plan on using many images they may leave a blank line or two to write in the subject/location.
  3. How you'd like the design to look This is easily accomplished by referring to our stock card designs throughout our catalog and requesting to make your custom card resemble a certain stock card number.
  4. Format. Horizontal or Vertical Horizontal is wider than it is high (also called landscape). Vertical is higher than it is wide (also called portrait).
  5. Window Opening
    • Small Window (accommodates 3 1/2" x 5" & 4"x6" cropped prints) Available in Natural and Bright White only
    • Oval Window (4"x6" prints only) Available in Natural and Bright White only
    • Large Window (4"x6"prints only) Available in all cardstock colors

    TIP: Small horizontal, small vertical & oval vertical work the best for cards with designs or many words on the front.

  6. Color of Cardstock Natural and Bright White are available in all window openings (envelopes will match). Other cardstock colors are available in large window opening only (envelopes will be bright white). Refer to page 7-9 to see all colors. Black cardstock, on pg 9, can be printed with grey ink - for an additional charge. Call for pricing.
  7. Color of Ink(s)
  8. Quantity Price is determined by quantity and is per each custom card run (see price chart below).*
  9. Proof information We prefer to have all custom jobs proofread by you before going to press. This makes sure you're getting exactly what you expect. Faxing a proof works the best. If you don't have a fax machine, you most likely have a store near by that has a public fax. (Drug stores, print/copy shops, pack and ship businesses are possible locations). Or we can mail a proof to you, but be aware that this will take longer, because we need to have a signed proof back to us before we can start printing your order. One proof page per custom card ordered is included in the cost...additional changes not specified with original order are at $5.00 per proof.
  10. After completing steps 1-9... Relay the information to the form on opposite page and mail, fax or call us with your order.

* We reserve the right to allow for a 2% margin under the actual count versus the desired amount. (example: if you order 100 cards, you may receive 98). We will make every effort to provide you with the desired count, however the printing process does not always allow this, especially on multiple color cards. If the count comes in under your desired amount, we will compensate you with a like amount of stock cards or a credit, whichever you prefer.

  • Custom cards MAY be ordered in any quantity you like (over 50)... odd amounts are welcome!
  • Custom cards MAY NOT be combined with catalog cards to accumulate volume discounts.
  • Multiple custom card designs MAY NOT be combined to accumulate volume custom discounts - call with questions.
  • A design fee will be charged for orders that are cancelled after the art has been created.
  • Working with customer supplied artwork and/or disks may incur extra charges.
  • If ordering catalog cards along with custom cards, order will be held and shipped with custom cards. If catalog cards are to be shipped sooner, consider it as two orders and add appropriate shipping charges.
    Due to the personalized nature of a custom card, they cannot be returned or exchanged. However, if there is an error on our part, we will gladly correct it.
  • Please allow additional time for custom cards.
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