If you like our card designs but would like to add your own message on the inside of the card or you would like to put your personal information on the back of the card, this page will guide you through the steps.

When we print on the card, we need to know if the information to be printed is for the inside or the back of the card. We also need to know if the information is to be printed as a horizontal or vertical card. This is called the position of the printed information. To give us enough information, we will need to know the position, ink color, and font you want the text to be printed. We also need to know what cards you purchased that you want the printed information on.

To print your information, you have to create an imprint design for each position. A unique position is defined by two items. The first item is the format or orientation of the card you will purchase; it will be a horizontal, vertical, or all purpose card. The second item is where you want the information printed; it will be either for the front or the back of the card.

Pricing is based on each unique imprint design position. If you purchase multiple card designs and they are all of the same orientation (horizontal or vertical) and the information is for only the back OR the inside, you will only need to create one imprint design.

Steps to imprinting:

  1. Determine if you want horizontal or vertical printing. This will be determined by what cards you will purchase.
  2. Also determine if the printing is for the inside or back of the card.
  3. For each unique combination of horizontal/vertical and inside/back printing, you need to create an imprint design. Clicking here will take you to a page that will guide you through the steps for creating an imprint design.
  4. The last step of the Imprint design will be to ask you to “name” or identify the imprint design you just created. Remember this design name. We recommend a name that describes the imprint such as “Inside Black Ink” or “Back Arial Font”, etc.
  5. As you order your cards that you want imprinted, make sure you view the detailed description of the sets of cards. At the bottom of the description, there will be an option for Imprinting. Select the Imprinting option and enter the name of the imprint design in the “Imprint Name” box.
  6. When we receive your order, it will be checked for accuracy and we will email you a proof of what is to be printed.
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