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Photographer's Edge and BetterPhoto.com have partnered to create products and strategies to assist all Photographers in their endeavors to improve their skills and display or resell their work in the form of high quality Keepsake Greeting Cards.

BetterPhoto.com, the Web's premium site for photography enthusiasts offers interactive online photography classes instructed by their own staff of talented Pro Photographers - most of whom have written how-to books on photography. Their concept is to provide exciting assignments then personally evaluate the students work to result in exceptional photos. BetterPhoto.com is pooling their expertise in photography to create specific ideas and skills in a program on how to generate "Good to Great" photos that will result in "Good to Great" Keepsake Photo Greeting Cards that could be used to enter the $8 billion Greeting Card marketplace. They are also creating a "BetterPhoto Pro" website to include a Photographer's Edge Greeting Card storefront option. This enables virtually anyone to have a professional marketing site to easily post on -line.

Photographer's Edge, manufacturer of the patented do-it -yourself Keepsake Photo Greeting Card Frame offers an extensive line of products from Holiday Cards, Occasion Cards, Event Cards and Friendship Cards to their best selling Border Cards which can be used for Nature, Portrait or any other creative photography. All card and calendar products are environmentally friendly made from recycled stock and printed with soy-based inks. Customers easily create their own high quality personalized greeting cards for personal use or to resell at art shows, photo shows, tourist areas or on their website. Turning your own photographs into beautiful greeting card can be a very rewarding and profitable experience. This partnership will enable many talented photographers and photo-enthusiasts to benefit by learning new photo and marketing skills and turn their hobby into a year round business.

For more information, please visit www.PhotographersEdge.com and www.BetterPhoto.com

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