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Turn your passion into profit!

Combine your photographs with our superior quality photo frame greeting cards to create a marketable product that retailers will want to display and sell!

Hundreds of Photographer’s Edge customers have had great success using our superior quality photo frame greeting cards and calendars to turn their passion for photography into a very profitable business. What could be better than making money doing what you love?

Our clients tell us they’ve had success selling their cards and calendars in hundreds of different locations including local gift shops, coffee shops, car washes, tourist destinations, craft fairs, trade shows, mall kiosks and carts, school fairs, grocery stores, pharmacies, fundraising events, museums, art galleries, colleges, bookstores, visitor’s centers, hospital gift shops, flower and garden stores, restaurants, mail and shipping locations, libraries, and their own galleries and their own websites.

  • 94% of Photographer’s Edge customers have built a home-based business
  • 61% are able to do it successfully in 15 hours a week or less
  • Another 24% invest 15-30 hours a week in their business
  • 15% of our customers are full-time photographers

Retail and consignment options

As you start your photography greeting card business you can approach retailers with a proposal to sell your photo greeting cards in one of two ways: Retail and consignment.

A retail relationship involves the retailer buying your cards outright. They will then mark them up to cover the cost of overhead and make a profit. The pros of this kind of arrangement are:

  1. You invest no time in the individual sale of your photo cards
  2. You have no overhead or storefront to manage
  3. You can make the cards to order so you don’t have to have to have excess inventory ready
  4. You can quickly get exposure to a larger audience with minimal risk

The cons of a retail relationship are:

  1. Your profit margins are smaller

A consignment relationship allows a retailer to display your photo cards and then keeps a percentage when a card sells. This arrangement is negotiable, but a 70/30 or 60/40 split is common. The pros of this kind of arrangement are:

  1. The retailer may take a smaller percentage since there is less risk for them
  2. You can get higher profit margins with minimal time invested
  3. You can more easily get your photo frames into stores

The cons of a consignment relationship are:

  1. Money can be tied-up in finished inventory if you have several retail locations

How to start your photo frame greeting card business

You can learn from our customers that have had great success with starting their own photo frame greeting card business. Take a look at the Grow your business video on our video page to hear a first-hand testimonial of how one or our successful photographers used Photographer’s Edge photo frame greeting cards to supplement her income and hopes to soon be able to run her photo frame card business full-time.

Photographer’s Edge wants to help you get started. Click on the links below to get detailed information in several important areas:

Start Your Photography Business

You may be apprehensive to starting a photography business. However, we have some tips on getting you started. It may take several locations and multiple efforts to find the right combination to find out where your photographs have the most appeal for the retail traffic. Follow the Start Photography Business page of advice. Once you get started, you will be an expert on how your special photos have the market appeal for the customer base where your photos are displayed.

Sell Photography

Use Photographer's Edge Photo Frame Greeting cards to accentuate and enhance your photographs. Many professional photographers across the country rely on our cards to enhance their sales. See how you can take advantage of how to Sell Photography and have fun doing it and making money.

Selling Tips

Over the years working with our successful customers, we have compiled a list of Selling Tips to help you sell your work. Check them out to see if you can take advantage of these useful tips.

Taking Better Photos

Your photography is what sells your greeting cards. We have compiled a few articles that discuss the techniques of taking photos to allow your hard work and photo sessions be extraordinary. Click on the link in the list to view the articles.

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