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Get your prints made from a negative, or make your own digital prints on your ink jet printer.

If you shoot slide film, invest a couple of dollars into a decent 35mm Inter Negative, then have prints made. You should be able to find prints at no more than 15-30˘ a piece when buying in quantity. SHOP AROUND AND TEST A FEW FOR QUALITY BEFORE ORDERING MANY.

Remember, you are NOT competing with mass manufactured cards - a well done photo card is a unique work of art. The people looking for bargain cards are not your market. The retail buyers of your cards will most likely be of middle to upper income. Your photo in our card makes for a superior product when compared to the standard type of photo card frequently found, (the plain card with photo glued on the front). Therefore, it should command a superior price.

Wholesale to a retailer:
This is where the retailer buys your cards from you outright. He will have to mark them up 100% to cover his overhead and make a profit. Our customers report that individual finished Photographer's Note Cards retail anywhere from $2.50 to $5.95, with an average selling price of $3.75. Your price will depend on the market in your area, the type of store you're in and the quality of your photography. This method of selling would warrant buying your cards and prints in volume to get your cost down and make
it profitable. You have no time in the selling process, overhead or storefront, and no money tied up in finished inventory as you could make them to order. Although your profit margins would be smaller, this method would quickly get your name in front of the most amount of people, with minimal risk to you.

Consignment to a retailer:
This is where the retailer displays your cards and only gets a percentage when they sell. There is less risk involved for the retailer, so they may be willing to take a smaller percentage. The exact percentage is negotiable, but 70/30 or 60/40 is common. This means higher profit margins for you. Some retailers will test an item on consignment, at say 70/30, and then after it proves it will sell, buy it outright at reduced price
(50/50 - see wholesale to a retailer). This method makes it easier for you to get into stores, but ties up money in finished inventory if you are in many locations.

Retailers might include:
Gift Stores, Card Shops, Florists, Bookstores, Tourist Shops, Galleries, Visitor Centers, etc.

Approaching a retailer:

  1. CALL FIRST. Ask for the buyer. Elaborate that you have a "unique" product that must be seen to be appreciated. Try to set up a time to stop in.
  2. DO NOT barge in during busy hours and expect to be seen. Not only will you not be seen, you will create a bad relationship right from the start. If you do just drop in without an appointment, make sure it is a slow time of day for the retailer.
  3. PRESENT YOURSELF as a professional, just as you would for a job interview.
  4. IF YOU send a sample card in the mail, try to get the name of the buyer and follow up with a phone call.
  5. YOUR BEST CHANCE of success: take all the risk out for the retailer and give them some cards to test. Let them keep the money from these sample cards. If they sell well, they should gladly order more.
  6. REMEMBER: Reward is directly related to risk and everything is negotiable.

At a craft boutique:
This is a type of store where you rent floor space for your cards. Typical rent might be $100 per month for a 6"x6" space, plus 5% of sales. Some craft stores will have less rent but you will have to work several hours per month helping out in the boutique. There is usually a contract to sign with 3 months as minimum. You are
responsible for your own display. This method can be very profitable once you get past your break even point.

At art fairs:
These are usually weekend events that require some planning well ahead of time to get into. There are both indoor and outdoor fairs. Check the Chamber of Commerce in the areas you wish to be in. This can be the most fun, as traveling can be involved. A display that protects from the weather (if outdoors) and sets up and comes down easily is required. You will have rent that will vary greatly depending on the amount of people who typically attend. Chances are you will be the person at your booth all day making sales. This method can be quite profitable and can also be used to generate interest in your work. Have business cards available so an
interested party can contact you at a later date. Sales may be affected by the weather. If outdoors, keep in mind that rain and humidity can adversely affect your product. Take care to protect your investment. (See packaging on page 32-33 for ideas).

Mall carts/kiosks:
This is where you rent a cart in the middle of the mall. Exposure can be fantastic, but the rent can be high. Maybe $200-600 a week and there must be someone at your cart all hours the mall is open. Mall cart sales can be very seasonal and right before certain holidays may produce excellent results. This would be ideal if you have friends that also do arts and crafts who could split the rent as well as time watching the cart.

In any case, we feel our photo cards will enhance your work, improve your chance for success, and help you “break in†to your local market. Be creative and persistant.

Good Luck & Keep Shooting!


Would you like to see your photography printed in our publications?

Send us your photo, and if it is chosen you'll receive a by-line and a $25.00 gift certificate for merchandise from Photographer's Edge! You must sign the release form on the back of the order form and submit it along with your photo. Submitted prints are not returned. We do not have exclusive rights to your photos. We would have limitless use of your photo(s) in our publications or advertising. You must write your name, address and phone number on the back of each 31/2"x5" or 4"x6" print submitted in order to be considered. Be careful not to indent into your prints when writing and let the ink dry from your pen before putting prints together (tip: put photos back to back to avoid ink transferring to the front of another print, or better yet, use an address label - we've received several good photos that couldn't be used because of ink on the print or missing photographer information). Thank you, once again, for the beautiful photographs that keep coming our gets harder and harder to narrow them down...

Remember that we keep the photos on file...if you don't see your photo in this
catalog, it may make another one.

Photographer's Edge


Good quotes are hard to find.

Send us a quotation that would work well as one of our stock design cards, and perhaps you'll see it in print! Please send the quotation exactly as it was written. You must provide us with the author, date and source. If you've written the quote yourself, you must fill out the "submit your work" form found on the back of the order form. Refer to the rest of the catalog to see what we're looking for in our quotations. We are sorry, but we are no longer able to give gift certificates for your quotation ideas, however this is a great chance to get one one of your ideas into our collection.

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