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Turn your passion for photography into a one of a kind profitable business by starting your own photography business. You love capturing special moments with photos, why not make money doing it? As a starting photography business, you can expand your revenue sources by selling photographs as greeting cards. Choose from our quality photo insert cards to highlight the beauty of your photo art. Then contact local shops or tourist spots to set up your photo greeting card display. With help from Photographer’s Edge, your up-start photography business will soon be a lucrative source of income that you (and your clients) will love!

Tips & Advice for A Successful Photography Business

Look for prints that cost no more than 15-30˘ per print and buy in larger quantities. Make sure to shop around to find the best quality prints at the best price before ordering in bulk. You are NOT competing with companies that manufacture cards in mass for mega-marts – your photography is a unique work of art. People looking for bargain cards are not your target market. Retail buyers of your photo insert greeting cards will most likely be in the middle to upper income brackets. You are creating a superior product when compared to the standard type of photo card or photo mount card frequently found, (the plain card with a photo glued on the front). Don’t be afraid to command a superior price.

Retail Sales Options for your Photography Business


This is where the retailer buys your cards from you outright (not on consignment). They will then mark them up to cover the cost of overhead and to make a profit. Photographer’s Edge customers report that a Photographer's Edge Note Card can retail anywhere from $2.50 to $5.95, with an average selling price of $3.75. Your price will depend on the market in your area, the type of store or shop you're display is in and the quality of your photography. With this method of selling, you would be wise to purchase your photo insert greeting cards and prints in volume to keep your costs down and your profits up. The upside to this is that you have no time devoted to the individual sale of the photo cards, no overhead or storefront to manage, and no money invested in finished inventory as you can make the cards to order. Although your profit margins would be smaller, this method would quickly get your photography exposure to a large audience, with minimal risk to your photography business.


This method allows a retailer to display your photo cards and then keeps a percentage when a card sells. There is less risk to the retailer in this case, so they may be willing to take a smaller percentage. This is completely negotiable, but a 70/30 or 60/40 split is common. This would provide your photography business higher profit margins with minimal time investment. Some retailers will test an item’s ability to sell on consignment and then after it proves it will sell (and be a good investment for the retailer), buy it outright at a reduced price (50/50 - see above for more information). This sales method does make it easier for you to get your photography into stores, but ties up money in finished inventory if you are in several retail locations.

Retailers to consider approaching with your product:
Gift Stores, Card Shops, Florists, Bookstores, Tourist Shops, Galleries, Visitor Centers, local boutiques, etc.

Other Great Sales Locations

Craft Stores & Boutiques:

Rent floor space to display your completed photo insert cards. Typical rent averages $100 per month for a 6’x6’ space, plus 5% of sales. Some craft stores will allow for less rent to be paid if you agree to work several hours per month helping out in the boutique. Be prepared to sign a contract in this instance with a possible 3 month minimum commitment. You will also be responsible for your greeting card display. This sales method can be very profitable after you have recouped your investment.

Art & Craft Fairs:

Usually weekend events that require setting up a booth of some sort, so some planning ahead of time will be necessary. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce for event information. Generally, you will have to rent space and pricing will vary greatly depending on the amount of people who typically attend that particular fair. More than likely you will also be the person manning your booth. This sales method can be the most fun, as you will have the opportunity to talk about your new photography business with potential customers and fellow artists. It can also be quite profitable. Make sure to have your photography business cards available so potential customers can contact you in the future.

Mall Kiosks & Carts:

This method allows you to rent a kiosk in a local mall. The exposure can be fantastic, but the rent can also be expensive. You will be required to have someone at your cart during mall hours. These sales can be seasonal but before certain holidays can produce great profits. This sales method is ideal if you have friends that create items for sale as you can split the expenses and the time investment.

Start a Photography Business Today

Now is the time to take the leap. Start a photography business and experience the new income potential while enjoying what you do. Photo insert greeting cards from Photographer’s Edge will enhance your photography and improve your chance for success. Plus, who makes a better boss than you!

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